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Traditional Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts

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Traditional Martial Arts – Kalari

Course Duration : 3 / 6 Months

Kalarippayat is one of the oldest living traditions of martial training, physical culture and self defense in the World. Kalarippayat is derived from two words in Malayalam: Kalari and Payatt. Kalari means ‘the place where any particular art form is taught’. Payatt literally means ‘practice or exercise’. In the present context, it means ‘the traditional style of combat’. It is the Martial Art form of Kerala, the Southern most state of India. Kalarippayat is the only form of the most ancient traditional systems of physical culture, self-defense and martial techniques still in existence.

The Origin of Kalarippayattu

The basic science of Kalarippayat is based on Dhanurveda. Hence historians say that the Kalarippayat must have originated even before 2000B.C. The elder generations still believe that the Kalari Guru is the sage Parasurama himself, who after creating the land of Kerala, taught Kalarippayatt to 21 disciples in order to protect and maintain peace. Lord SIVA is considered to be the father of Kalarippayatt. Parasurama had propagated the Northern style and Sage Agasthya, the Southern style. Parasurama [he was a Brahmin] commanded the ocean [the Arabian Sea] to move back by hurling a battle-axe and brought into being the land of Kerala. On the east of that land lies the mountain ranges, the Western Ghats, and on the west is the Arabian Sea. Hence the land was termed MALAYALAM, Mala meaning ‘mountain’ and Alam referring to AZHAM or depth, meaning ‘the deep sea’.


The development of physical culture is an important part of the social-political and economic life. In physical culture, the strength of mind is more important. The aim of Kalarippayatt is not only self-defense and offence, but also the strength of the mind through physical exercises. The strength of the mind is the strength of the body. It enables one to standup to challenges in life and disciplines both mind and body. So it helps to develop a better citizen for the nation.


The ritualistic and spiritual atmosphere in the Kalari plays an important role in forming the character and moral attitude of the students. The present age is very much polluted by greed, lust and aggression. The media spreads these unhealthy messages at great speed. Youngsters especially are drawn down easily to hopeless futures, vague and unhealthy ideals, horrible diseases, sexual mania, isolation, depression and aggression.

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